Inspiring older adults with stories to tell 

 Aspiring filmmakers who want to tell stories 

 How It Works 


It's a simple idea:


Aspiring filmmakers who want to tell stories make short documentaries about older adults with stories to tell.






Apprentice filmmakers are partnered with professional storytelllers.

Together they make a short documentary about a senior citizen, family member, teacher, friend... anyone who wants to share a story.


The filmmakers learn interviewing skills, cinematography, sound design and editing using professional equipment.


Older adults benefit from an interaction that helps decrease the effects of isolation and detachment while encouraging intergenerational cohesion.  


The audience enjoys a collection of entertaining, original short films.

Want to learn more?  Check out our FAQs,  Who We Are,  and  Press.

Old School Films is a non-profit program through the Brooklyn Arts Council produced in association with Flicker Flacker Films.

The Reinvention of "Double A"
Story of a Drummer
People Are People
Live to Live
I Believe in True Love
A Good Ol Fashioned Love Story


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